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I’ve been quiet for a long time. Too busy to share my thoughts on issues, but Sarah Palins final day in office motivated me to break out the laptop and share some thoughts.

Before Sarah left office, she of course had to take some parting shots. In fact, for those of you that didn’t read this, Sarah was recently given credit for writing The ‘Cap and Tax’ Dead End.  Now you and I know that Sarah didn’t write that article. Even educated and articulate politicians have speech writers and she is neither, but here are the reasons that I know Sarah didn’t write the article:

  • It is not written in crayon
  • It is more than 500 words
  • The words betcha, hockey, or moose do not appear anywhere in the article
  • There are no X’s and O’s at the bottom

Anyway, I’m very curious about Sarah’s real reason for quitting. My guess is that there are more ethics investigations on the way. I mean, there have only been 18 filed. There are bound to be more from the oil puppet.  Who really knows?  I just enjoyed listening to her resignation speech jibberish. More accurately, I enjoyed watching others pick it apart 😉

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