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Dear Racist in Denial,

Thank you for posting such an entertaining and confirming comment. Despite your attempts to convince the world that not all Georgians are racist, you only came across solidifying that impression in everybody’s mind with your attempts at justification.  Here’s our Georgian friends comment broken down so that I can respond to each segment…

The gloves are off, I am a Southerner, and this is a stereotype, and fuck you asshole, I am a very intelligent person, I graduated third in my class with a double major in Political Science and Ancient Roman History, and I’m going to UGA Law School next year.

I honestly respect anyone that takes time to get a further education, so sincere kudos to you.  However, the college system must be failing since your first sentence could have been at least 6 sentences. Try using periods instead of commas.  Good luck with that Ancient Roman History degree. I’m sure your knowledge of Clash of the Titans will REALLY help out while your busing tables at the Cracker Barrel.

Second of all the Southern states were never meant for modernization, the English back in the 1600’s shipped their prisoners here to the South for agricultural purposes, it’s been that way for centuries I doubt it will change.

Unless the South is a National Park, it was meant for modernization.  The only thing stopping the South is the residents.  When you say that the “English…shipped their prisoners here”, you are referring to slaves and indentured servants, correct?   Those really aren’t prisoners but regardless, that was 400 years ago. Everything changes and although there is nothing wrong with agriculture as a primary economic source, the “Weez jus a bunch of farmers, so weez can be ignant rednecks” excuse is bullshit.

Also not all Southerners are racist, I love black people.  My family owned slaves, but they weren’t racist.

Keep telling yourself that Whitey.

I am a proud Georgian, and you damn yankee’s are not going to change my opinion.  I believe in the rights of everyone, and I am not going to have you tell me who I am, based on some stereotype.

Admirable, but whose trying to change your opinion?  If you believe in EQUAL rights for everyone, then I am not trying to change who you are.  But remember that you live in a state that is the center of the new All-White Basketball League.  By the way, unless talking about baseball, using the term yankees only makes you sound like more of an inbred idiot.

By the way the KKK used to not be a racist organization, it used to be for the protection of the wives of southern men, at the time the african americans were free, and were given power from the Yanks, and had authority of the white.

That is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard.  Are you SERIOUSLY trying to defend the KKK?   By your own admission it was created to during  The Reconstruction “protect” white women from freed blacks that were given “power” and “authority of the white.”   In other words, they didn’t didn’t feel that blacks were capable of handling the responsibility of not being whipped anymore and needed policing by a bunch of rednecks in white robes. Ohhh, that’s not racist…

The whole South changed forever after the war, and has not been able to recover, cause the yanks just couldn’t let it go.

WTF?  It changed how?  Hasn’t been able to recover?!  Are you kidding me?!  We rebuilt Japan and Germany, but you guys still need a handout?!   BTW, Who’s tax dollars pay for the infrastructure of the South?  That’s right the YANKS!   It’s time the South did it’s f*cking share.   Good luck in law school.  If this is how you attempt to make a rational argument, you’re gonna need it.

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Dear Billy,

Thank you for taking time out of your shift at Waffle House to send such a thought provoking comment to a completely unrelated post. I figure you deserve a response. For the record, if you’re a Billy Jo or a  Billy Jean, ping me again because I like your kind of foreplay. I’m not into Deliverance so if  you are a Billy Bob or Billy Ray,  I wish you the best of luck finding love at your next family reunion.

Here is your comment broken down into sections so that I can respond accordingly:

I have a suggestion. If you are a Democrat, then we already know you are worthless.

Billy, I’m not a Democrat. I do the research and vote for the person, not the party. BTW, what was the suggestion?

You probably never participated in a sport, never believed in any sort of anything,…

WTF do sports have to do with political opinion?  Oh forget it.  I love the grammatical redundancy and I assure you that I believe in God, family, and the Bill of Rights. Sorry I don’t share your views on owning slaves and burning churches.

and probably too chicken s**t to serve your country…

Dude, Red Dawn is my favorite movie too. Go Wolverines!

… although I’m sure you’ve asked for handouts all your life. So do me a favor. Go buy a gun, buy a bullet, and blow your f***ing head off. The world would actually be better off without you. Trust me… there are studies to show it would.

Billy, I’ve been self-sufficient since before I was out of high school. I’ve never taken a handout and I’m quite positive that I’ve contributed more money to poor white trash causes than you earn in 3 years at the feed store.  By the way, living in the old trailer behind your moms double wide is not being self-sufficient; It’s a handout.  For the record, I already own multiple guns but I’m curious where you heard of these “studies”. Did yer pappy learn you that when you was in the duck blind?

Democrats are without a doubt the dumbest people I’ve ever met in my life. I have NEVER I repeate NEVER met a Democrat with an IQ high enough to carry on an intelligent conversation. In fact, that is why I used short sentences in one of the aforementioned statements.

The next time you want to convince someone that you are more intelligent than they are, remember:

  • There is no ‘e’ at the end of the word repeat.
  • You live in a state in which only 3 out 4 people graduate high school and less than 1 in 5 get a bachelors degree.  Both are below the national average. Visit the Census Bureau for facts.

Oh and by the way, Alabama has a higher rate of poverty than the national average, which means YOUR people take the handouts, bitch!

I love fan mail.

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