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It’s a Gay Ole Day

Out in California, a judge overturned the recently passed law that prohibited same sex marriages.  This doesn’t affect me, because of course I love the vahj as much as Hugh Hefner loves the Viagra. However, I am pleased about the ruling because as I said previously, it doesn’t affect me and it pisses a lot of people off.  People like:

  • Republicans – Those same pulpiteers that tell us that the government should stay out of our lives, but have no fucking problem donating money to use the government to control other people. Fucking hypocrites.
  • The Mormons – I hate cults and these zombies donated a boatload of money for Prop 8
  • Catholic Church – Seriously folks?  Why don’t you focus on the pedophiles you’ve been protecting and stop worrying about adults that are in consensual relationships

In any case, congrats to all those that can get recognized by the law in same sex marriages.  Just don’t go checking my ass out in the gym. That’s gay.

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