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Now, I have NO actual proof that this guy is a Republican, but based on his ability to make shit up and spread ignorance to the masses, I’m willing to go on record and say… he’s pretty f*cking close.

Pseudo-actor Kirk Cameron, whose credits include the non-so-funny 80’s sitcom Growing Pains has now moved into laugh-out-loud funny attempts at reconciling science with come to Jesus videos. The latest whack-job production must have cost tens of thousands of dollars, yet he managed to get bitched slapped by some foreign chick with a webcam in her bedroom. You don’t have to watch his whole video because she does a good job of showing clips and tearing his ass apart bit by bit below.

Kirk is pitching a revised Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The revised version in includes a 50 page introduction written by a non-scientific minister. That’s right, Ray Comfort whose epic fail at explaining the origins of a banana proves he isn’t qualified to write an introduction to Everybody Poops, let alone Origin of Species. Here’s the banana fail…

But what’s comical and scary at the same time is Kirks attempt to legitimize Comfort by backing it with erroneous statements and irrelevant points. He warns us that 61% of college professors are atheists… yeah? What difference is a professors ideology if your kid is taking a physical education class? How about a poetry class? Maybe math? Exactly… it’s f*cking irrelevant. If you want your kid to learn about God, don’t send them to an institution of higher learning. Send them to a place where the instructors do not have degrees and are not scientists or doctors. You know… send them to bible camp.

The bottom line here is that YOU are trying to force YOUR beliefs on a system that was intentionally built to protect the masses from you zealots. As Christina says… read the f*cking Constitution.

Note: For anyone wanting to read the 50 page introduction which brings up Hitler, racism, and alcohol as a means to discredit Darwin, click here.

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