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Sorry about that first line. After typing the title of the post, I was laughing so hard that I dropped my laptop.

Seriously, when I hear the words, “I think Republicans are better equipped to run the government like a business and be fiscally responsible”, I immediately assume the commenter was dropped on their head in the delivery room.

What business are we talking about? Enron? Lehman Brothers? Never mind the fact that the global stock market is tanking and trillions have been lost in retirement accounts of hardworking Americans while CEOs and Big Oil are making record profits.

I’d love to spend an hour or two providing you with budget numbers and allocations but frankly, I have to work for a living so I’ll leave you with this for now.

US Budget Numbers by Fiscal Year (ending Sept 30 of the year indicated):

2000 – Surplus of $236,241 (Largest Surplus* in US History!)

2004 – Deficit of $412,727 (Largest Deficit* in US History)

Guess what? It was a Democrat who created the largest surplus and a Republican who created the largest deficit.

Republicans write bad checks and then criticize the Democrats for trying to pay their debt. Republicans suck.

*For definition of these terms, check out the Dictionary page.


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I frequently hear that the Republican party is pro-life. A more accurate statement is that they are pro-VOTE and what better way to get votes than to strum on the heartstrings of the electorate. I’m not saying that certain individuals in the party, or any party for that matter, do not have strong and legitimate feelings against the practice of abortion. I’m just saying that individuals in the Republican party do not make changes. It’s a machine and the machine knows how to play the game.

There is no bigger voter segment that is as easily manipulated as the anti-abortion crowd.

Despite the evidence, these emotional voters keep voting for politicians who say they are pro-life but then do nothing to stop it. Perhaps there might be a half-hearted attempt but nothing serious. For the first four years of Bush’s presidency, the Republican party ruled the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Why didn’t Republicans end abortion?

Really… Why?

It’s the Golden Carrot.

If they keep dangling it in front of your nose, jsut out of reach, you’ll keep voting for them.

If they were to ever actually fulfill their promise to the voters and end abortion, voters would be forced to consider the other Republican Myths (fiscal responsibility, moral compass, smaller government) and they fall short on those as well. They’d never be re-elected. Their bag of tricks would be empty. It’s merely an empty promise meant to pray upon the emotions of the voter to gain power, and we all know what they’ve done with power. You can see where on McCain’s list of priorities he has abortion… oh yeah… it’s not on the list. You have to click through a link under his “prisoner of war days” story at the BOTTOM of the page. http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/

The Republican machine is a calculated womanizer. They’ve courted the ugly girl and keep her waiting to be picked up for the prom, election after election. You’ll never get the dance girls, so you might as well consider the other issues and vote with your mind, not your lied to and cheated on heart.

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