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He’s Not Lying

First grade 101… blame the other kid for wiping his booger on the desk even though you know it was you.

It’s a grade school deflection tactic that sadly many adults still use today. Like Donald calling Hillary crooked or a liar.  The facts (definition link for Trump supporters) are that not only does Donald often embellish but he frequently lies. Flat. Out. Lies.

Anyone who has a modicum of integrity and spends just a few minutes fact checking Donald’s statements will realize that he makes shit up and his followers are too lazy or hate-filled to verify it.

HOWEVER…. There are times when he tells the truth. Like this 2008 video speaking about Hillary Clinton and Bill.

The video is below where he praises the hell out of her but here are a few lines.

“I think she’s a wonderful woman.  think she’s a lit bit misunderstood”

“I think at a minimum, she’s going to go down as a great senator.”

“I think Bill Clinton was a great President”

“Hillary Clinton is a great woman, and a good woman.”

It’s not often he tells the truth, but let’s give him credit for this one:


To be fair, I’m sure there are other times he tells the truth as well. Like when…

  • He plead the 5th 97 times when asked if he cheated on his wife.
  • He says he wants to bone his daughter
  • He sexually assaults women
  • He says he wants to bone his daughter


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Dicks of Hazzard

Yesterday, Trump’s Georgia Campaign Executive Manager had to resign due to a plea deal where he was facing charges of assault. Is this any surprise considering the violence shown by his fans at rallies?

According to a May 2008 Superior Court indictment, Phillips slashed a man’s tires, causing about $500 in damages. He also intentionally hurt the man, causing “visible bodily harm … cuts and bruises to the head and torso,” the indictment said. ( Read more here: http://www.macon.com/news/local/article104550086.html#storylink=cpy)


Trump has hired the legendary lawman Rosco P. Coltrane to ensure that law and order is obtained in this country.


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The Clown Car

As an American, I can’t help be concerned that THIS is the group that Republicans are looking to for leadership.  Sure, there are some semi-tolerable options on this list, but for the most part it’s a unique mixture of crazy (Carson, Paul, Cruz), pathological liars (Cruz, Jindal, Perry), and bat-shit crazy (Trump, Fiorina, Cruz).  Since Cruz is a whopping serving of all that is bad, he’ll probably win the GOP nomination. He’s the perfect mixture of hate, misinformation, and ignorance.


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Speaking of Rape

Did anyone else find it disturbing that so many republican politicians couldn’t stop talking about rape?

Perhaps even more disturbing was the fact that whenever they talked about it they said something incredibly ignorant or insensitive.

I didn’t make this easy chart but whoever did is definitely a gift from god.  I don’t want to forcibly make you read this, but it is honestly and legitimately an enjoyable read.

F*ck, I hate Republicans.

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Since Romney lost the election, Big Bird still has a job.  And who better to give us a lesson in our alphabet than Big Bird.


The letter ‘R” is a very important letter for 49% of our country, kids.  You see the letter “R” stands for Republican.

Did you know that there are other words that begin with “R” too?  It’s no coincidence that these words are the voter base of the Republican party.

Let’s see how many we can come up with…

  • Rich
  • Rednecks
  • Religious (nuts)
  • Racists
  • Revisionists
  • Rape-lovers

You see kids, “R” is VERY important to Republicans.

P.S. I forgot Retards.

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I Needed a Vacation

I just logged in and published a bunch of posts that have been made over the past year.  Apologies to those that wanted to engage each other, but I needed some time off.  And what a time it’s been.

Who could forget all of the interesting Republican douchebaggery that has been exhibited?

  • Herman Cain’s ass grabbing revelations
  • The Rush Limbaugh “slut” controversy
  • The Republican infatuation with rape
  • Paul Ryan being called a liar by FoxNews (Yeah, if they say it you know it’s bad)
  • Mitt Romney proving that he is a disconnected, self-absorbed, and self-entitled loser

There is so much more, but why live in the past.  Let’s move on and see where the GOP goes now that they got their ass handed to them!


See you soon.

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I See a Trend Here…

I just posted the coverage of Governor Jan Brewer making a complete ass of herself, but this Republican… this guy takes the cake. I don’t even need to write anything. Just sit back and laugh your ass off.

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It’s a Gay Ole Day

Out in California, a judge overturned the recently passed law that prohibited same sex marriages.  This doesn’t affect me, because of course I love the vahj as much as Hugh Hefner loves the Viagra. However, I am pleased about the ruling because as I said previously, it doesn’t affect me and it pisses a lot of people off.  People like:

  • Republicans – Those same pulpiteers that tell us that the government should stay out of our lives, but have no fucking problem donating money to use the government to control other people. Fucking hypocrites.
  • The Mormons – I hate cults and these zombies donated a boatload of money for Prop 8
  • Catholic Church – Seriously folks?  Why don’t you focus on the pedophiles you’ve been protecting and stop worrying about adults that are in consensual relationships

In any case, congrats to all those that can get recognized by the law in same sex marriages.  Just don’t go checking my ass out in the gym. That’s gay.

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Congratulation to you sir.

You have managed to do what Republicans have been unable to do for 47 years by capturing the late Ted Kennedys Senate seat.  I don’t expect it was too difficult considering to lack of intelligence and cohesion within your competitors party at present time, but kudos to you nonetheless.

My only request is that you consider the American public as a whole and not the agendas of yours or any political party.

My guess is that this will prove to be a true challenge of your will and integrity considering the obstructionist Republican party currently holding the American public by the short and curlies.

Good luck sir and God help America.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown and his daughters

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Not a lot has changed in the past couple of hundred years according to this newly discovered video of the first Thanksgiving.  Seems that the original Republican party and the modern one have the same goals which include tricking the less educated into their support, stealing from those less fortunate, and ultimately trying to kill anyone who stands in the way of their empire building.


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