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Louie Gohmert

A relative unknown in the sea of Texan douche bags, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert is out to make a name for himself.  He proves again that GOP politicians from Texas are some of the most ignorant sons of bitches in the world.

Before I get into the reasons, can I just ask, “Louie?  For real? It’s bad enough you look like a dufus, and your last name is reminiscent of Gomer Pyle, but Louie?”  I digress…

This guy is… how do a put this… a FUCKING LIAR.   Oh… and a nut-job, racist, homophobe.


This is the guy that told a bullshit story on the House floor about “terror babies” and then went apeshit when Anderson Cooper called him on it.  When they called him out on the FBI lies, he supposedly changed his story and said that he heard it from a lady on the plane.  Liar.

He also likes to deliver incoherent rants about gays, bestiality, and Nazi’s as if to draw some sort of correlation to his inbred constituents…

He’s at it again with his recent comments.  Enjoy your daily dose of ignorance, courtesy of Republican politicians.

To my friend who said that history would judge us poorly, I would submit if you would look thoroughly at history — and I’m not saying it’s cause and effect — but when militaries throughout history of the greatest nations in the world have adopted the policy that “fine for homosexuality to be overt” — you can keep it private and control your hormones fine, if you can’t, that’s fine too — they’re toward the end of their existence as a great nation.

Did you read that?  Where does this guy get his facts?!  WTF?  Oh, it’s even better seeing his funny looking ass saying it.

The sad part is, his over zealous animosity towards the “gays” is probably nothing more than an attempt to hide his own love for the cock.  I give it 8 years before he’s found in a bathroom stall with Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) or an underage male constituent.


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Let’s keep in mind that Christine O’Donnell has made a plethora of public statements over the years and even some very interesting ones during the 2010 midterms.  Nevermind her admitting about her dabbling in witchcraft or that she considers masturbation a sinful act.

“It is not enough to be abstinent with other people, you also have to be abstinent alone. The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery, so you can’t masturbate without lust.”

“America is now a socialist economy. The definition of a socialist economy is when 50% or more your economy is dependent on the federal government.”

The bottom line is she’s just not qualified to even run, let alone hold an office, as this video beatdown shows.

Despite her lack of intelligence, qualifications, and a history of questionable experiences, she still managed to get 40% of the vote in Delaware.  How F’ing stupid do you have to be to vote for this chick?

In 2006, Christine said, “During the primary, I heard the audible voice of God. He said, ‘Credibility.'”  What Christine didnt’ hear was God’s second comment which was,  “You ain’t got any, bitch.”

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Anybody who has listened to this guys fabricated and completely moronic rants would no doubt agree that Glenn Beck was not born with a full human brain.

Glenn Beck recently made the headlines for saying that the theory of evolution is “ridiculous” and his justification of this was, “I haven’t seen a half-monkey, half-person yet.”

Now regardless of his beliefs on evolution, it’s his justification that makes him an idiot (and a hypocrite).  In simple terms, I interpret his response to mean that if he doesn’t see something with his own eyes, it must be untrue and opinions otherwise are ridiculous.

Now keep in mind that this guy is a “Christian”.   To my knowledge, there is not one shred of physical evidence that a ghost from outer space and has magic offspring with virgins without intercourse exists.  Yet, he calls evolution “ridiculous”.

Now for all my Christian readers, I am not questioning your faith or your beliefs. I’m merely pointing out that he is a hypocrite in that he believes the stories of the Bible, but not DNA links and scientific research.

Here’s the kicker in how moronic this guy is…. he’s a Mormon.

Not just a Mormon, but he converted as an adult!   An adult!   How the hell could he question ANYTHING, if you believe the bullshit those nuts feed you?   It’s not like he was even raised as a Mormon, he converted as an adult. An adult, I tell you!

If you don’t know the story of the Mormons, you can get a very accurate history of the founder and his sheep, starting at about 3:50 of  “All About Mormons.”


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Speaking of gay…

Senator Lindsay Graham has some interesting things to say. You can fast forward to 3 min if you like on this video.

What I’m hearing here is that a collaboration of members within Congress is UNHOLY?    Isn’t the purpose of Congress to work together for the better good?   By showing his true views, he’s only pointing out what everyone already knows about most Republicans… they don’t want to work things out.  They want it their way or else.  There is no collaboration, no compromise, no teamwork.  In fact, he says, if there is any, it’s UNHOLY.

I wonder what would have happened in 1774 if those 56 guys were so focused on their own agendas that they bailed on Philadelphia.  If they didn’t “come together” as he put it, and make an alliance for the greater good, we wouldn’t be here today.

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Thanks RM!

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On environmental issues, he has ranked the lowest possible score by the league on conservation voters.  No surprise considering every chance he gets, he votes against common sense.

On human rights, he couldn’t give a shit.  He’s one of only 9 senators that voted against the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 which prohibits “cruel, inhuman or degrading” treatment of individuals in U.S. Government custody.

On equal rights… forget about it.  He hates gays and lesbians.  In fact he campaigned for his Senate seat in 1994 using the phrase “God, guns, and gays.”

In 2010, his largest donors represented the oil, gas and electric utilities.

His most recent show of douchebaggery was this video where he is seen saying, “I believe in racial profiling and ethnic profiling.”

WTF?!  This is a Senator of the land of the free?

Oklahoma is OKKK

This guy is ALL that is WRONG about POLITICIANS and HUMAN BEINGS.  He’s an ignorant, uneducated, bigot who is in bed with special interests.  Fuck him and the white elephant he rode in on.

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Dear Racist in Denial,

Thank you for posting such an entertaining and confirming comment. Despite your attempts to convince the world that not all Georgians are racist, you only came across solidifying that impression in everybody’s mind with your attempts at justification.  Here’s our Georgian friends comment broken down so that I can respond to each segment…

The gloves are off, I am a Southerner, and this is a stereotype, and fuck you asshole, I am a very intelligent person, I graduated third in my class with a double major in Political Science and Ancient Roman History, and I’m going to UGA Law School next year.

I honestly respect anyone that takes time to get a further education, so sincere kudos to you.  However, the college system must be failing since your first sentence could have been at least 6 sentences. Try using periods instead of commas.  Good luck with that Ancient Roman History degree. I’m sure your knowledge of Clash of the Titans will REALLY help out while your busing tables at the Cracker Barrel.

Second of all the Southern states were never meant for modernization, the English back in the 1600’s shipped their prisoners here to the South for agricultural purposes, it’s been that way for centuries I doubt it will change.

Unless the South is a National Park, it was meant for modernization.  The only thing stopping the South is the residents.  When you say that the “English…shipped their prisoners here”, you are referring to slaves and indentured servants, correct?   Those really aren’t prisoners but regardless, that was 400 years ago. Everything changes and although there is nothing wrong with agriculture as a primary economic source, the “Weez jus a bunch of farmers, so weez can be ignant rednecks” excuse is bullshit.

Also not all Southerners are racist, I love black people.  My family owned slaves, but they weren’t racist.

Keep telling yourself that Whitey.

I am a proud Georgian, and you damn yankee’s are not going to change my opinion.  I believe in the rights of everyone, and I am not going to have you tell me who I am, based on some stereotype.

Admirable, but whose trying to change your opinion?  If you believe in EQUAL rights for everyone, then I am not trying to change who you are.  But remember that you live in a state that is the center of the new All-White Basketball League.  By the way, unless talking about baseball, using the term yankees only makes you sound like more of an inbred idiot.

By the way the KKK used to not be a racist organization, it used to be for the protection of the wives of southern men, at the time the african americans were free, and were given power from the Yanks, and had authority of the white.

That is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard.  Are you SERIOUSLY trying to defend the KKK?   By your own admission it was created to during  The Reconstruction “protect” white women from freed blacks that were given “power” and “authority of the white.”   In other words, they didn’t didn’t feel that blacks were capable of handling the responsibility of not being whipped anymore and needed policing by a bunch of rednecks in white robes. Ohhh, that’s not racist…

The whole South changed forever after the war, and has not been able to recover, cause the yanks just couldn’t let it go.

WTF?  It changed how?  Hasn’t been able to recover?!  Are you kidding me?!  We rebuilt Japan and Germany, but you guys still need a handout?!   BTW, Who’s tax dollars pay for the infrastructure of the South?  That’s right the YANKS!   It’s time the South did it’s f*cking share.   Good luck in law school.  If this is how you attempt to make a rational argument, you’re gonna need it.

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Now, I have NO actual proof that this guy is a Republican, but based on his ability to make shit up and spread ignorance to the masses, I’m willing to go on record and say… he’s pretty f*cking close.

Pseudo-actor Kirk Cameron, whose credits include the non-so-funny 80’s sitcom Growing Pains has now moved into laugh-out-loud funny attempts at reconciling science with come to Jesus videos. The latest whack-job production must have cost tens of thousands of dollars, yet he managed to get bitched slapped by some foreign chick with a webcam in her bedroom. You don’t have to watch his whole video because she does a good job of showing clips and tearing his ass apart bit by bit below.

Kirk is pitching a revised Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The revised version in includes a 50 page introduction written by a non-scientific minister. That’s right, Ray Comfort whose epic fail at explaining the origins of a banana proves he isn’t qualified to write an introduction to Everybody Poops, let alone Origin of Species. Here’s the banana fail…

But what’s comical and scary at the same time is Kirks attempt to legitimize Comfort by backing it with erroneous statements and irrelevant points. He warns us that 61% of college professors are atheists… yeah? What difference is a professors ideology if your kid is taking a physical education class? How about a poetry class? Maybe math? Exactly… it’s f*cking irrelevant. If you want your kid to learn about God, don’t send them to an institution of higher learning. Send them to a place where the instructors do not have degrees and are not scientists or doctors. You know… send them to bible camp.

The bottom line here is that YOU are trying to force YOUR beliefs on a system that was intentionally built to protect the masses from you zealots. As Christina says… read the f*cking Constitution.

Note: For anyone wanting to read the 50 page introduction which brings up Hitler, racism, and alcohol as a means to discredit Darwin, click here.

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I know I shouldn’t be surprised that that piece of shit Rush Limbaugh is a manipulative, fear mongering, racist sycophant. That’s why I’m not.

Being a military kid, I moved around a fair amount of time and found myself in many communities where I was a minority; a white minority.  I’ve not only seen many cases, but have also been targeted. Although appalled by it now, the reality is that with few exceptions, it’s kids being kids.

That shit has been going on since the beginning of time and it will continue to go on.  White kids beat up the new Chinese kid because he’s smarter than them, Mexicans beat up the black kid because for his brand new kicks (that means shoes for my Caucasian readers), and Black kids beat up everybody because… well they can.  It’s a joke, get over it.

The actions of the youths in the video below are appalling and nobody should be subjected to this type of brutality, but this is no excuse to promote racism.

My point is that assholes like Rush are using ANY moment where a senseless act of violence can be erroneous and disgustingly attributed to an African American president.  What bothers me most is that not only are his comments complete bullshit, but that he uses a psuedo-jive accent in his imitation of the attackers like only a card carrying member of the KKK can do.

Bravo, Mr Limbaugh. You’ve just been elevated to the person I’d like to see die most in this world.

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The biggest jackass in media today is so ridiculous, I can hardly find words to describe the fat, self-indulging, drug addict.  OK, maybe I can find a few words.

Today the Hypocrite in Charge, Rush Limbaugh, decided to blame the affair of Republican Mark Sanford on President Obama.  As baffling as that is in itself, the biggest shock is the almost incoherent rant in which he attempts to draw the correlation.

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

He starts off on the right track. Referring to Sanford, he says:

“To split the scene for five days, and we know he’s been separated, and he knows, by the way, that the newspaper in his state has the emails between him and his concubine down there in Argentina, he knows this. He knows that somebody knows what’s going on. He knows his wife knows. So he ups and leaves for five days, doesn’t leave anybody in charge of the state, in case there’s an emergency.”

So, I’m thinking to myself, Rush is going to say that Sanford’s marital woes or the impending release of the love letters by the media drove him into depression and to abandon his post.  THEN the f*cktard has the audacity to almost justify the behavior and blows more smoke out of his ass…

This is almost like: I don’t give a damn! Country’s going to hell in a handbasket. I just want out of here!  He had just tried to fight the stimulus money coming to South Carolina. He didn’t want any part of it. He lost the battle and said “What the hell? The Federal government is taking over! I want to enjoy life!”

Oh no he didn’t!  There shouldn’t be a surprise here. Another GOP douchebag does something wrong and it’s always the other guys fault.

The mere suggestion that losing the stimulus battle and the state of our government drove Sanford to cheat is ridiculous to anyone with a half a brain, especially when Sanford has been having the affair since BEFORE Obama won the election, let alone the stimulus battle.

The fact that anyone believes this rich, smug, dirtbag amazes me.

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